Need members to have specific colors on all reports without the need to redefine them each and every time?

Check how to do so on this tutorial video that shows how to set up a member color property on icCube.

For more information on member properties, please check the following documentation link:


Arthur van den Berg from Thuros / Inside Vision, icCube’s exclusive Dutch reseller, has shared some practical customer examples on this feature.

“You might not expect it at first glance, but this functionality has so many great applications in dashboards. For example: you can attach specific colors to your G/L accounts enabling support for accounting methodologies like #Coloraccounting. You can link percentage ranges to certain colors and use these throughout all dashboards, hereby creating a consistent look-and-feel helping users to immediately understand what to look for. Here is an example for the last application:”

Find below two other examples, one for accounting purposes:

and another for a hotel management dashboard:

By Nathalie Leroy Tapia Heredia