Not only the new icCube Server UI should have all the attention these last months! Let’s make some room for the Reporting as well 🙂

Here are two playlists that will help you get up-to-date with the Reporting, and hopefully learn new things on icCube!

Reporting Walkthrough

Reporting quick tips

Arthur van den Berg from ​Inside Vision, icCube​’s​ exclusive reseller​ for the Netherlands, ​is having lots of success with his quick icCube tips on Linkedin! Check their playlist that is being implemented regularly.

As of today, the available tips are:


04 Jan 2023

v8.3 release – Gadgets!

icCube v8.3 version just released includes a new dashboard concept: gadgets! Instead of adding to your dashboard 'empty' widgets where you need to...

08 Sep 2022

v8.2.2 release - Table state, rendering & SQLite dates

icCube v8.2.2 version just released brings the possibility to choose whether the state of a table is saved on the browser or not, huge rendering...

11 Apr 2022

icCube v8 official release

Our team is delighted to announce the official release of icCube's B2B dev2dev version 8. This new dev-friendly version allows to...