It has been quite some time since we gave some news, we were in fact preparing a substantial surprise for you, icCube v8 RC1 is ready!

Download v8 RC1

The new version 8 of icCube includes a completely new dashboard console. Built from scratch with latest technology, made for developers and enhanced data management are the key elements of v8.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to have former versions and v8 working on the same icCube server if needed.

Why the big change? Performance and quality go without saying; on top of this, software and SaaS companies needed an easier way to create white label dashboards. Now, pixel-perfect widgets and themes can be achieved and maintained in an incomparably easier way, as they can be packaged as plugins on Github. Looking for examples? Check our new Github page.


Last but not least, dashboard documentation! Charts, filters, configuration, interactions, etc are now available on the dashboard help, as well as a brand new Live Demo.

In summary:

_Dashboard Console from scratch w/ modern dev stack
REACT (hooks), Redux, Typescript, JavaScript for browser, Cypress, Material-UI, etc.

_Dev-friendly extensibility
Easiness to create custom widgets & theme (GitHub plugins)

_Enhanced data management
New tidy table & transformations

_Made for DevOps
Cypress testing

Enjoy & looking forward to your feedback!

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