Why Embedded Business Intelligence?

Are the end users of your brand new knowledge product shouting at you because they don’t understand the results? Do the managers of these people hate you because they can’t look into what their people did to produce the reports they asked for?

Knowledge Products

Why is this happening? Because the complexity of the knowledge and data that is required by most modern software is overwhelming. The end user as well as his manager needs to be able to visualise the knowledge in a synthetic and actionable manner.

The solution is Embedded Business Intelligence

A company I worked for delivered, 15 years back, their flagship product in the financial industry. Great calculations, astonishing performance, outstanding quality but still shouting customers. Mostly because, you guessed it by now, not enough visualisation was available to help the end user make sense of his numbers and tell a good story to his manager and, even worse, no way to drill back from the results to the input data and parameters.

In the next generation the company released 10 years later, this was embedded in the core design of the product. Results are everything, aggregating, visualising and exploring them is where the end user starts and ends his daily work. The customer satisfaction is incomparable!

Being able to provide embedded business intelligence into your application strong reporting and dash-boarding capabilities along with proper navigation through-out the data is key to customer satisfaction. Making the visualisation the start of the end user’s day of work as well as the end is the way to make satisfy him.

Being able to seamlessly move between reports, dashboards and the rest of your application supports the work routine of the end users and increases their efficiency. Happy users make happy customers and happy customers can be reference in sales cases.