Project Management

The Client

The University of Technology Eindhoven (TU/e) is a leading research-driven technical university with over 7,500 students and about 3,000 employees, of which 1,900 academic staff. The TU/e has over 1,200 running research projects funded by the EU, national and international organizations, and local government. These projects provided €93.2 million revenue in 2012.

The Challenge

To better control its revenue streams, the TU/e was looking for a BI and dashboard solution to:

  • Streamline project reporting
  • Establish one central unified way of reporting
  • Involve the non-financial professionals at faculties and research labs
  • Publish dashboards on iPads
  • Perform enterprise integration into the TU/e system
The Solution

icCube enabled the TU/e and our partner InsideVision to build dashboards and data integrations using a Scrum-like method. At the end of each day, a new release was made available for end users to review and to respond to, resulting in a high-quality and user-friendly system. icCube flexible on-the-fly authentication and authorization connectors allowed for integration into the TU/E security system defining access rights up to cell granularity.

A demo version of the solution is available here.