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From a few hours of advisory services to becoming your embedded analytics team.

At icCube, we understand that navigating the complexities of data can be daunting. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Data Analytics Boutique Services, designed to empower both existing and new clients in achieving seamless data integration, robust data security, insightful analytics, effective decision automation and dashing reports.

Our Services

All the skills needed in one team

Data Cleanup

Ensure your data is accurate, consistent, and reliable. We help you eliminate redundancies, correct errors, and standardize your data for optimal use.

Data Modeling and Integration

Streamline your data from disparate sources into a unified system. Our modelling and integration services ensure seamless data flow and accessibility across your solution.

Data Science and Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your data with advanced analytics and data science. Our experts utilize cutting-edge techniques to derive actionable insights that drive strategic decisions.

Data Technologies and Security

Choosing the right technology stack for your solution is key, whether it will be icCube or another best suited vendor covering areas we don't is up to you, we are here to support you with our knowledge of the topic and the competition.

Data Governance / Data Ops

We support 30+ clients in their daily operations and help them design the corresponding governance, will you be the next?

Data Driven Decisions

Enhance efficiency and accuracy with automated decision-making processes. We design and implement decision automation systems tailored to your business needs.

Visualization, Reporting, and Dashboarding

Transform your data into compelling visual stories. Our visualization and dashboarding services provide clear, actionable insights through intuitive and interactive reports.

Meet Our Expert Team

Decades of Experience at Your Service

David Alvarez Debrot

Spanish Intuition and Swiss Precision coming together.

Marc Polizzi

French education and intelligence refined through Experience.

Nathalie Leroy

Swiss Rigor wrapped in Brazilian Enthusiasm!

Tom van den Berg

Dutch straight to the point attitude controlled by careful logic.

Walter Wartenweiler

Hungarian Enthusiasm and Curiosity and Swiss Balance coming together.

Priced, Different

Flexibility, transparency and worry-free projects

You Decide

We can offer any service plan from fixed-price to time and material as best suited to your project.

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Partner with icCube to harness the power of your data. Contact us to discuss how our Data Analytics Boutique Services can elevate your data strategy and drive your business forward.Feel free to further tailor the case studies section to reflect actual client experiences and outcomes.