Real Time Analysis
The Result

We have approximately 150 million historical transactions and over 130,000 new daily transactions and needed a real-time BI solution which was easy to use and more importantly was compatible with our existing technology. We looked at a lot of options and came to the decision that icCube provided the best solution. Using Excel as the main reporting and analytical tool, our quants team have an up to the minute insight of the business and can react instantly to events happening in the market. Business queries are answered e ciently and in a timely manner with real-time data provided by icCube, I believe that the optimization of icCube will provide our customers with a better service as well as providing us with the insight needed to plan for the future development of has been using the icCube server since it’s early release and we are very satis ed with the product. It is working seamlessly in production in our company, and we use it daily to analyze our business from a number of di erent angles. We have tens of millions of transactions processed by the icCube server with several cubes of over 20 dimensions. The server handles this data with impressive speed and accuracy. We have also been very impressed with icCube’s consultancy services and with the talent and responsiveness of their sta . We have reviewed many other OLAP servers and platforms, and have arrived at the conclusion that the icCube OLAP server is currently the best in the industry.


Jean-Yves Sireau (CEO

The Client

Founded in 1999, Regent Markets Group has become the recognized leader in the binary options industry. The Group has over 300,000 clients worldwide and generates annual betting turnover expected to exceed US$ 500 million this year (2014). The company’s award winning website, offers its clients – investors, speculators, traders, and gamblers – a broad range of binary options on international stock indices, foreign exchange rates, equities, and commodities, ranging in duration from minutes up to one year.

The Challenge

With around 150 millions historical transactions and over 130’000 new daily transactions was looking for a Real-Time Analysis and BI solution to mainly:

  • Manage their risk of open positions
  • Analyse quickly and easily understand trends in customer behavior over time and across products
  • Perform market segmentation analysis
  • Explore customer demographic trends and perform product profitability and growth analysis
The solution

icCube with its real-time capabilities has been installed with the help of icCube Professional Services team, connected in real-time to the Binary operational databases.

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