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Load and combine any source, apply R, Java or MDX++ and create beautiful drag and droppable dashboards, all in the Cloud

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Combine & Transform Any Source

Combine Any Source

Relational databases like access and MySQL but also MongoDB, Redis and Redshift are supported among many more. Any structured data source can be combined with any of your own sources, for better analysis.

icCube even supports custom sources so you are guaranteed you will never be blocked. This means that if you want to add different sources in the future, you are guaranteed you can.

Transform & Load Your Data

Not all data is perfectly usable for data analysis, right away. icCube’s allows you to perform data transformations with the ETL layer and to define your business concepts with the semantic layer.

icCube loads data according to your desired schedule and frequency, incrementally when a change is detected in the database or in real time!

Best of both worlds

You get all the features of our end to end BI solution version, without the hassle of installing and maintaining a large server. icCube team will take care of the hosting of the advanced analytical server while you can focus on what is most important to you: combine sources and create insights via any modern browser using our web based dashboard editor.

Support That Teams-Up

No software needed

Nobody in your organization has to spend time on installing, maintaining and upgrading your BI server, we do this for you. icCube does not have any desktop software as well. You only need a browser to manage everything.    
Built to Integrate

Extreme computing power

While you work on your dashboards or enjoy your dashboards, we provide you the server power you need.    
Built to Integrate

100% cloud based

Create, share and collaborate with ease. We’ll manage the performace and migrate to the newest version once as they are availble.    

This means extreme computing power without actually buying or starting a server on your own. Because we share the hardware and allocate the resources where they are needed most, you enjoy a lower cost compared to regular solutions.

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