MDX Server

High-performance Analytical Server

A high-performance 24/7 production-ready real-time Analytical Server with an ETL layer. Designed for Big Data and supporting multi dimension analysis and MDX+ standards.

If you’re an IT person you’ll love the fact that it supports XMLA and can be connected to multiple reporting tools (e.g. Excel)

If you’re a business person you’ll love it’s extremely high performance.


Integrate multiple data sources in one schema

    • Relational databases
      • Oracle
      • MySQL
      • PostgreSQL
      • Sybase ASE (jTDS)
      • Amazon Redshift
      • Access (JDK JDBC/ODBC Bridge)
      • Any other datasource with a JDBC driver
    • NoSQL integration
      • MongoDB → native JSON many-2-many
      • Hadoop/Impala
      • Hadoop/Hive
    • Google
      • Google Sheets
      • Google Analytics
      • Big-Query
    • Excel files (xls, csv)
    • Flat files
    • HTTP files
    • Merge multiple Excel and flat files into a single table
    • In-Memory tables
    • Custom connectors on demand

Combine and transform any icCube tables from different data sources into a new table (view)

  • Premade transformations available : Columns to Rows, Group By, Union, Sort and Order
  • Javascript view to implement complex user specific transformations

Define your business concepts

  • Define your semantic layer using icCube’s thin client IDE
  • Many-to-many relation
  • Unbalanced dimensions (ragged, parent/child)
  • Asymmetric dimensions
  • Direct definition of many to many relations when using no-sql datasources as MongoDb
  • Create calculations using standard MDX language
  • Localization of the semantic layer (e.g. country names on different languages)

MDX+ is icCube’s extension package to the standard MDX language

  • Over 50 new generic MDX functions
  • 45 Time Intelligence functions to manage date/time dimensions
  • Categories
  • Vector and Matrix syntax
  • Dynamic creation of new classifications/hierarchies (Real Time)
  • Non additive, vector (e.g. to support VaR, indirect many-to-many) aggregation types
  • Direct access to Java from MDX
  • Unique patented MDX debugger and profiler

High quality real time OLAP Server supporting standard MDX/XMLA

  • Real-Time Multidimensional Server made for very sparse & high dimensionality systems
  • Powered by a modern JAVA Real Time In-Memory OLAP aggregation and calculation engine with focus on Quality of Services (QoS)
  • Multi-threaded calculation engine
  • Smart caching, dynamic code compilation and optimization
  • New NON EMPTY crossjoin algorithm with multithreading support
  • Partitioning → breach the 1 billion facts barrier
  • XMLA protocol support
  • Over 150 standard MDX functions implemented
  • 18 native aggregation types (sum,min,avg, distinct,vector…)
  • Over 300 MDX compliance tests

An architecture ready for Enterprise Integration

  • Single Java process running on any OS with JRE 8+
  • Hot restart
  • All user interfaces web enabled
  • Build to be integrate into existing solutions (Embedded Analytics)
  • Plugin framework to add custom data connectors and new MDX functions.
  • Integration with all XMLA compatible reporting tools
  • Limit resources allocation by role / users.
  • Remote maintenance over XMLA protocol
  • Customizable Authentication/Authorization
  • Native integration with Excel Pivot Table (Windows only)

Our team is dedicated to providing you with an excellent experience

  • Swiss quality support
  • Zero open bug policy
  • Best time to market for new user features
  • Community support on stackoverflow