Become an icCube Partner

icCube delivers a high-quality product and support. Our partnerships are therefore precisely established by ensuring excellency and the best customer experience to icCube users.

We offer three levels of partnerships, providing a high flexibility for resellers and consulting companies to choose the best way to closely work with icCube and offer icCube’s products to their clients.

Benefits for a partner  
  • Ability to directly communicate with icCube’s team for both commercial and technical discussions
  • Discussing the best action plan that suits both icCube’s and the partner’s business model and culture
  • Reporting bugs directly to icCube’s technical team (icCube has a 0 open bug policy)
  • Access to a feedback platform for suggesting improvements
  • Up to 30% commission on icCube’s licenses sales
  • Listing on our Partner’s page
  • If the partner offers first-line support, the end customer is the partner’s client and will have direct contact with the partner only.
  • If the partner offers second-line support, the end customer will have direct contact with icCube’s team for technical support.
The partner commits and supports the end customer during the entire project
The partner is in direct contact with icCube’s team and may request new features to be added on icCube to meet a client’s need
The customer and the partner get early access to new icCube versions
The customer gets the same benefits of icCube’s Service Level Agreement through the partner
Partner’s Commitment
An icCube partner commits to:
  • Follow icCube’s Service Level Agreement
  • Have dedicated consultants to ensure the best implementation of icCube and respond to all client’s needs
  • Allocate resources to icCube’s projects
  • Have the availability for periodic meetings
  • Promote icCube’s products on a regular basis
PartnerClub PartnerPremium Partner
New icCube Licenses per yearNone*25
Enterprise Discount with second-line support10%15%20%
Enterprise Discount with first-line support15%20%30%
icCube’s Account Executive involvementModerateMediumHigh
New Case Studies / Examples / Blog entriesNone1 per year2 per year
 VisibilityPartner categoryClub Partner categoryPremium Partner category
  *Partner category is obtained after the first icCube license sale.