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Karabiner Software
Tokyo, Japan | Club Partner

An icCube reseller located in Japan specialized in the high-tech financial market sector. Karabiner Software is a software development and IT consulting firm focused on providing software and business process solutions for financial companies.

Inside Vision
Boskoop, The Netherlands | Premium Partner

icCube’s exclusive reseller for the Netherlands. We love to put you back in control over your data; to give you the means to make knowledgeable decisions. We use icCube as platform to provide this in a very cost effective way. A live demo can be found on our website

Team Partners
Geneva, Switzerland | Partner

Team Partners offers services in the field of Computer Engineering to SMEs, PMIs and Large Companies, and is an icCube reseller located in the French riviera.

Switzerland | Operational Partner

MISC AG is a well established Swiss IT consulting firm and is our official operational representative.