Seamlessly embedded

icCube is an embedded analytics platform designed to disappear into your B2B SaaS application.

Simplify Data Complexity

Understandable data, even for complex underlying structures

Connect & Transform Data

Connect to any relational data source, IoT, other emerging contemporary sources or even custom connectors. The platform supports incremental loading and offers built-in ETL capabilities, allowing users to merge data seamlessly across multiple sources.

Semantic Layer

Create an in-memory dimensional model including a Semantic Layer, transforming raw data terms into business-friendly terms, reducing the risk of inconsistency and facilitating intuitive and efficient analytical querying.

Analytical Power

icCube supports a wide range of analytical capabilities, from basic to advanced analytics, offering Extended MDX - optimized specifically for advanced multidimensional analytic queries - and a native Java integration.

Keep your existing Security

Seamless for the user

On-the-fly security 

Integrate with your authentication and authorization mechanism, eliminating the need for redundant user management. Dynamically define icCube's roles for fine-grained, cell-level security.

Data Level Security
Deploy Anywhere, Anyhow

Deploy Anywhere, Anyhow

Adapts to your infrastructure

Integrate anywhere

icCube is a browser-based single Java process, running on AWS, Azure, Google, or other clouds, as well as on Linux, Windows, or MacOS servers, even behind your customers' firewalls.  icCube is NOT a hosted solution!


Streamline your DevOps automation and scalability with easily packable and parameterizable images or containers. Ensure a comprehensive and efficient approach by using version control, icCube’s REST API and unit / Cypress tests.

Wow Customers

Dashboards with your own branding. Actionable insights SaaS → icCube → SaaS

Dashboard Creation

Build multi-layout / multi-page printable dashboards using a canvas-based drag-and-drop editor including out-of-the-box charts, tables, maps, filters, and more. Go further by creating preconfigured gadgets for quick reusability or even your own custom visualizations.


Integrate your own code and craft themes and widgets to authentically represent your brand identity. Programmatically manipulate icCube through its REST API.

Navigation Power: 2-Way Insights-To-Action

Experience enhanced navigation capabilities with icCube's two-way communication mechanism using the icCube Javascript APIs (GitHub project). Easily transmit on-the-fly host parameters to embedded icCube analytic content, and vice versa, allowing icCube to pass parameters to directly impact surrounding content within your host SaaS environment.

For Excel Enthusiasts

Optionally, offer Excel pivot-table lovers a direct, secure and live (XMLA) front-end connection to your back-end dimensional analytics data.


Work directly with the development team


Access first-line support directly from our development team and be involved in our roadmap. The dev team will accompany you with their expertise in projects, custom development and on-demand services.

Dev2Dev collaboration
License, Different

License, Different

Flexibility, transparency and worry-free scaling

You Decide

Choose between a flat rate or a variable model based on your preferred measure of value - user count or other.

Embark on Your Analytics Integration Journey

Begin with a free trial and discover the ease of embedding analytics with icCube.