Pixel Perfect Visuals Complex Analytics in PropTech

Crossing Tech

Our Value

Technological Knowledge, Flexible team setup, Experienced across the topics.

The Client

STREETS Real Estate

Real Estate Asset Management Made Easy

STREETS is a Swiss-developed, internationally compliant digital real estate asset management tool that helps simplify your investments, streamline your process, and improve asset performance.

Ready to get smart about your real estate portfolio management?

The Challenge

Pixel Perfect reports, full data analytics

The Project

For this proptech company, we assembled a team of data analytics and development experts.

Our first task was to create a pixel-perfect theme and custom widgets in icCube. The design was provided by their SaaS UX/UI designer in Figma, and implemented in icCube by our team to seamlessly match their solution’s look.

Following this, we handled all development aspects, from data model creation to setting fine-grained security, and finally, to generating dashboards for the customer.

What the customer says : “Our analytical dashboards are very appreciated for their user-friendliness & flexibility. We are really proud of our collaboration with the highly skilled & experienced icCube Team.” - CBO STREETS

"Our analytical dashboards are very appreciated by our clients because of their user-friendliness, flexibility and transparency. icCube embedded analytics supported us to successfully make a huge step forward to federate the Real Estate value chain. We believe that our partnership is a key strategic move to expand STREETS worldwide and to tackle the complex and diversified needs of the Real Estate and Construction industry. Last but not least, we are really proud of our collaboration with the highly skilled and experienced icCube Team."