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Embedded Analytics for Demanding SaaS Teams

Elevate your SaaS offerings with icCube’s seamless analytics integration.

Date Launched
September 2014
HQ Location
Ecublens, Switzerland
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Key Features

  • Simplify Data Complexity
  • Keep your existing Security
  • Deploy Anywhere, Anyhow
  • Wow Customers
  • Dev-2-Dev

The Backstory

icCube is known for its embeddable data analytics and visualization software platform tailored specifically for B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, i.e. Embedded analytics.

Its customers serve various industries, from finance and healthcare to e-commerce and logistics among many others. The software enables SaaS solutions from multiple sectors to provide data analytics, dashboards and visualization to their respective end-customers.


B2B SaaS Provides with Customer's having strong Analytics Needs

Available in English, French, Dutch and Spanish - new languages on-demand

When a flexible product, team and roadmap are key, we are the best fit.

Media Assets

David Alvarez Debrot
& CEO)
David Alvarez Debrot - Founder and CEO
Marc Polizzi
& Head R&D)
Marc Polizzi - Founder and Head of R&D
icCube Logo Image
Simplify Data Complexity
Simplify Data Complexity
Dev 2 Dev
Deploy Anywhere
Deploy Anywhere
Data Level Security
Keep your existing security
Flexible Licensing
Licence, Different


Winner of the contest #MyFavoriteStartup at @ForumEPFL #StartupDay
Their participants' fav' (and fab') October 2016
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David Alvarez Debrot
Co-founder & CEO

Spanish Intuition and Swiss Precision coming together.

Marc Polizzi
Co-Founder & Head R&D

French education and intelligence refined through Experience.