You may have learned in the last couple of days the vulnerability issue of Apache Log4j 2.

This exploit is based on the Log4j variable lookup mechanism in v2.x (related to Log4Shell / CVE-2021-44228). This feature does not exist in Log4j 1.2.x used by icCube.

For info, by default, Log4J 2.x was activating a message lookup (formatMsgNoLookups) that can be exploited when running the java code in certain JRE versions.

icCube is using a former Log4j version (1.2) that does not support the faulty lookup behavior, and therefore icCube is not impacted by this vulnerability.


ADDENDUM (Dec 14, 2021): Impact if JMSAppender is being used

Please note that in the specific case of having configured Log4j v1.x to use JMSAppender, then the reported vulnerability issue is in fact a potential threat with “moderate severity”. Read more: CVE-2021-4104.

icCube does not use this Log4j JMSAppender by default (you can check log4.xml file)

We’d like to kindly thank our user who has warned us about this very specific configuration.

By Nathalie Leroy Tapia Heredia

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