v6.6 - ETL Improvements

Introducing new Java Views on the ETL layer
April 1, 2018

Introducing new Java Views on the ETL layer


Marc Polizzi, Head R&D icCube

David Alvarez, CEO icCube


icCube v6.7 comes with  new features both on the Server and Reporting sides. First, new ETL Java Code and ETL Java Simple Row data transformations are available to produce powerful and advanced results. On the Dashboard side, a new theme, "Statos" is now available.

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"When gathering data from different sources, the common ETL transformations come in handy. When we want to go further, such as adding a column with the result of a complex algorithm, or making some complex transformations, the new Java transformation allows to do so directly in icCube's ETL. It definitely brings a powerful added value to our product." - David Alvarez, CEO icCube

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