v8.4.6 - Improved performance, Print server & Gantt chart

Bridging the GAP between the online and offline world
November 1, 2023

icCube 8.4.6 bridges the GAP between the interactive online world of Data Analytics in SaaS applications and the process-oriented, document-oriented reality of Corporate needs.


Marc Polizzi, Head R&D icCube

David Alvarez, CEO icCube


Wouldn't it be great to totally get rid of paper? Well that's not how the real world works so icCube 8.4.6 dashboards now print nicely - independently of the layout! -thanks to the new automatic layout converter.

After many demands, v8.4.6 also includes a brand new Gantt chart!

Last but not least, a new reverse index is available to improve MDX query performance on NON EMPTY crossjoins.

icCube print capture

"Whether using a responsive or static layout, you can now print any dashboard that comes in any format, seamlessly branded with the required corporate identity. Plus, crossjoins are commonly used but this is sometimes dangerous as they can imply too many (sometimes unecessary) combinations, which is why we decided to improve the NON EMPTY crossjoins to improve your MDX queries performance." - David Alvarez, CEO icCube

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