Karabiner - icCube Partnership

icCube expanding its reach into the Japanese market
January 1, 2016

icCube is excited entering the Japanese market as part of its strategic expansion plans!


David Alvarez, CEO icCube

Chris Mitchell, CEO Karabiner Software


icCube is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Karabiner Software, a leading software development and IT consulting firm in Japan. Known for its expertise in OTC derivatives and its rapid prototyping capabilities, Karabiner Software will help distribute and implement icCube major financial institutions, including Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC) and Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

Karabiner Software excels in designing technical solutions and effectively communicating with both business and technical staff. This partnership ensures that top financial firms in Japan can leverage icCube’s advanced functionalities to enhance their operations.

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"Karabiner Software has reviewed and worked with a number of leading data analytics products and we have found icCube's technology, functionality and responsive customer service has given us an edge in offering analytics and reporting solutions to our financial industry clients in Japan. As the need to analyze large amounts of financial data from multiple sources skyrockets, icCube has provided exactly what the industry needs to manage internal needs as well as external regulatory requirements. We think more and more companies in Japan and East Asia will see the benefits of including icCube in their solutions, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with icCube here in our part of the world." - Chris Mitchell, CEO - Karabiner Software

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