v8 - New dashboard module (React, Redux, MUI) & libraries in Github

Full UI redesign for even better embeddability
April 1, 2022

Using the latest UI technologies, icCube 8.0 brings increased dynamic interactions into its reporting and dashboarding module, increased modularity for embedded solutions and a generally incredibly beautiful UX.


Marc Polizzi, Head R&D icCube

David Alvarez, CEO icCube


React, Redux and MUI allows icCube 8.0 to take a leap in modularity, integrability and UX dynamic experience. It brings the product into a total new realm of back and forth interaction between the host applications it's integrated in and its own features opening the door to actionnable data / actionnable insights allowing the users to take direct action based on the host application features triggered directly from the dashboard highlighting where the actions need to be taken.

Also, libraires are publicly available on GitHub.

icCube Dashboard Builder Image

"This is a big bang for icCube. The dashboard user experience is a brand new one, more dynamic, cleaner, lighter, and more straight-forward. icCube v8 has been designed to go even further on the white-labelling demands, you'll be able to apply your own theme and create custom widget in a much easier way, public examples are available on GitHub." - David Alvarez, CEO icCube

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