icCube amended to the latest Java version!

Supporting Java 11+ (all JRE/JDK), but still working with Java 8.
January 1, 2020

Supporting Java 11+ (all JRE/JDK), but still working with Java 8.


Marc Polizzi, Head R&D icCube

David Alvarez, CEO icCube


The Windows version is packaged with Zulu 11 LTS (long time support), but you are free to install icCube with other Java versions, e.g. Java 13. The code is still compiled using Java 8 so it will be compatible on all JRE/JDK from Java 8.

The new JRE versions include bug fixes on multithreading and security fixes, but mainly a new garbage collector was added as well as other optimizations and new features.

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"The main questions is: "Should I migrate to a new JRE?" It's up to you, if the current solution is working fine and you don't have large GC pauses, there should be no benefit for migrating.

Please note that Oracle JRE is no longer free from Java 8! Unless you have a commercial agreement, do not use Oracle JRE above version 8 in a production environment. You can move to other free JRE like Zulu or OpenJDK." - David Alvarez, CEO icCube

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