Embedded Analytics on Real Estate Portfolio Management Platform


The Impact


Bringing modern, unprecedented, and therefore competitive data-driven insights into a Proptech solution.

The Client

STREETS is a leading Swiss fully-SaaS Real Estate portfolio management platform. Developed in Switzerland and compliant with international regulatory requirements, STREETS enables asset managers, institutional investors, funds administrators and other Real Estate industry stakeholders to digitalize the management of their portfolios and improve asset performance.

The Challenge

STREETS was looking to have analytics as part of the natural navigation of their solution. They needed a tool with:

  • Fully customized branded dashboard
  • Advanced analytics and modeling capabilities to match their sophisticated data model requirements
  • Complex user-defined data security

STREETS needed a partner that could take full charge of these specifications in cost and time-effective constraints.

The Solution

With a one-time security setup for on-the-fly roles based on both data and attributes, STREETS relied on icCube’s team to implement their unique pixel-perfect theme, widgets and dashboards, as well as build the data model serving as the pillar of STREETS analytics. Partnering with icCube was a strategic decision for STREETS for converging Real Estate expertise and continuously innovative analytical expertise.

"Our analytical dashboards are very appreciated by our clients because of their user-friendliness, flexibility and transparency. icCube embedded analytics supported us to successfully make a huge step forward to federate the Real Estate value chain. We believe that our partnership is a key strategic move to expand STREETS worldwide and to tackle the complex and diversified needs of the Real Estate and Construction industry. Last but not least, we are really proud of our collaboration with the highly skilled and experienced icCube Team."

Rafat Chabaane