Human Resources Analytics for Eindhoven Airport

Viggo Eindhoven Airport B.V.

The Impact


Bringing a centralized data repository to perform HR analysis.

The Client

Viggo Eindhoven Airport B.V. is the largest service provider in Eindhoven Airport, offering total solutions in ground handling, cargo, security and cleaning services. Every year, Viggo handles around 28 thousand flights and guarantees comfort and security for more than 4 million passengers inside Eindhoven Airport. For this purpose, Viggo employs more than 6 hundred operators, who cleverly integrate the existing links in the service chain, on a daily basis. Viggo collects and analyzes big amount of data regarding its employees, in order to improve its services and to keep the leadership among its competitors.

The Challenge

Some data sources in Viggo were escalated inside spreadsheets. There is a spreadsheet overuse that concludes files with enormous amount of information, which is difficult or impossible to be analyzed. This concludes often prevents the HR and BA departments to make fast and accurate decisions, regarding the development of Viggo’s manpower. Moreover, there is no ambition, within the company, to shift to appropriate contemporary software solutions, which will provide better management of the stored to the spreadsheets information.

The Solution

This master thesis recommends a data warehouse, which converts the existing spreadsheets into a fully centralized data repository, focused on HR department business analysis. Precisely, within this thesis project, two problems are discussed. The former is the data warehouse design, based on HR analysis and the latter is regarding ETL solutions for spreadsheet-based sources. Platform icCube implements the OLAP server and the Front-end modules of this specific data-warehouse and consists of the proof of concept of the academic research on data warehouses and data management.

"Viggo can now easily produce solutions regarding decision-making with low cost. With icCube, stored information can be viewed in a manner which can unmask problems or give answers to difficult dilemmas."

Konstantinos Triantos