This company loans train wagons and would like to make sure the heating and air conditioning systems work properly. icCube has been connected in real time with data coming from temperature sensors inside each wagon and the latter is compared to the outside temperature. On the following dashboard, managers are able to see when both temperatures seem to follow a same trend (numbers approach to 1) and drill down to check in which wagon during which time period there seems to be an indication of an issue. The difference can be perceived when numbers approach to 0, indicating no interrelationship between inside and outside temperatures. Repairing heating or air conditioning can therefore done immediately thanks to this real time dashboard.

Shops are constantly looking to improve consumer experience, and the best way to do so is to analyse preferences and shopping trends. This client has made an enterprise dashboard with icCube to visualize their consumer data in various angles. They have several subsidiaries and a great quantity of data. First, it is shown that 23.08% of people that buy oranges also buy artichokes, as well as 15.38% that buy oranges also have bananas in their basket. We can imagine ways of improving customer experience in the shop thanks to surprising results like those. Average basket price, daily sales per article and sales difference according to previous periods are other examples of ways this client wanted to analyse their data.

Clients in the hospitality industry are also able to take advantage of data analysis by studying occupancy and revenue for each room. In this case, a map of the room dispositions was made to be able to analyse data per room in order to enhance guest experience. This data can be crossed with other facts other than location, e.g. price of room, available equipments, service provided, etc, in order to understand why some rooms are more profitable than others. The hotel chain will therefore be able to improve guest experience during their stay by strengthening the hotel’s service and offer.