How to : use/change default layout settings

For a same report, you can have different layouts: Tablet, Mobile, Print or Print Landscape. You can customize the widgets...

2. Reporting

How to : set & view User-Defined configurations

Learn how to you can set different report settings and view the changes you have made!

2. Reporting

How to : set up filter preselections

Learn how to set preselected elements of a filter list, even if the elements contain commas!

2. Reporting

How to : write R & Java code within your MDX queries?

icCube now integrates native Java and R. This means that you can build Java and R scripts into your MDX...

3. Analytics

How to : apply filters to discussions and comments

We’re about to release version 6.7 – check how you can filter discussions and comments! Stay tuned for the new...

2. Reporting
waterfall chart - variance break-down

How To : create a waterfall – variance break down (part 1)

A waterfall chart, or bridge chart, a special visualization often used in financial reports. It is a specific data visualization...

2. Reporting