icCube is being used by many schools and universities for years and we are very proud to be a part of the path of the data analytics experts of tomorrow.

We recently had the pleasure to receive Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s feedback on how the Data Warehousing and Data Mining course students have been working with icCube.

“To not keep it dry and theoretical only, in the MDX lecture we also give a demonstration using icCube. Additionally, the students are required to solve and hand in an assignment where the goal is to generate multiple reports given a relatively simple real life dataset. Given the requirements the students have to do the whole workflow:

  • design a start schema,
  • concept hierarchies,
  • implement the cube in icCube,
  • define MDX queries to generate the reports.

This year we use a bike share trips dataset.

We are using icCube in our assignments at least for the last 5 years. Thank you for letting us use icCube. 🙂 “ – Tárik S. Salem, Head Teaching Assistant of the course at NTNU.

A big thank you to all professors who are including icCube in their Data-related courses for many years around the world!

→ icCube has in fact a free version not limited in time, just in memory (512MB) leaving plenty of space for your first data models and reports.

By Nathalie Leroy Tapia Heredia

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