Renjin is an R JVM-based interpreter enabling the integration of R in Java solutions. The native integration of R in icCube is done thanks to Renjin.

As you may know, you can include your R code within MDX queries to give more mathematical power to your data analysis and exploration.

BeDataDriven, the company which developed Renjin, kindly proposed us to collaborate with them to produce a case study of an actual client application of R in icCube. Alongside with our longtime partner Inside Vision, a case study is now live and shows detailed R application in icCube for a client’s project.

Check out the case study here!

The R algorithm was developed by Inside Vision and included in icCube for this client’s live production system that is optimizing workflow efficiency.

Thank you both BeDataDriven and Inside Vision for this great collaboration showing an actual project under the hood using R and icCube.

By Nathalie Leroy Tapia Heredia

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