Using the live demo

The Live Demo application allows to browse dashboard capabilities of the out-of-the-box icCube widgets.

The purpose of this Live Demo is also to provide hands-on examples you can directly export, save them on your own icCube installation and reuse them. This way, you can see how the charts were configured, which options were set and their query definition.

The steps below guide you on how to save a Live Demo dashboard on your own icCube. You can also watch the following video.

1. Import the schema on your icCube installation

The Live Demo dashboards are using the “Sales (LiveDemo)” schema. Download it here.

Open your icCube installation, click here if you need help on installing icCube.

On the icCube Builder, click on the top right icon (cloud) to upload the schema definition. In the zip, this is the .icc-schema file. Open the schema just uploaded, go to Data Integration > Data Sources > ‘csv files’ > Properties, and browse to find the folder containing the data files (within the zip you downloaded).

Deploy and load your schema.

2. Choose a dashboard

Open the Live Demo and navigate, with the top left menu, to the dashboard that interests you.

3. Edit Dashboard

On the top left menu, click on “Edit Dashboard” located in the menu’s root. The dashboard will open in the icCube Dashboard Editor.

4. Export

Click on the “Export” button on the top bar.

5. Import the dashboard on your icCube installation

Go to the Dashboard Editor of you own icCube installation and click on “Import Dashboard”. Drag and drop the dashboard you have downloaded and save it. Voilà!